Looking for unique entertainers?

Inlusio Firedancers will take you into the heart of fire!

Inlusio Firedancers are two experienced fire performers, Lae and Tao, from Czech Republic, Europe, currently travelling around the world like nomads, performing and teaching workshops.

Each of us brings a different mindset and background to the performance. Lae is intuitive and expressive; Tao is technical and precise. Lae devotes herself to dance, firedancing and movement studies; Tao is a techspinner with extensive background in martial arts. When fire-dancing together, our different styles complement each other, blending in an unique fusion.

Our performance is a combination of fire with dance, theater, acrobatics, contact improvisation and martial arts, taking the audience into its own world, where instincts, emotions and life are pure, raw and unforgotten. We use a wide range of props - poi, fire fans, staff, fire snakes, unique fire claws and wolverine fire claws, fire swords and dancing scimitar, orbs, levistick...

For more information, feel free to contact us at inlusio@inlusio-firedancers.com